Fire Extinguishers

Element Fire Extinguishers

Every fire fighter and fire technician needs a good fire extinguisher in his fire fighting equipment kit. Fire extinguishers are designed to smother and extinguish fire quickly and easily in a safe manner. Although fire extinguishers can be used for a number of reasons (including rescuing lives), most fire fighters view them as a necessary part of their overall fire fighting equipment. Whether you’re buying your first fire extinguisher or upgrading an old one, there are a few things you should look for to ensure it is doing its job properly. Here are the five most important features to look for in your fire extinguisher.

Durable & Easy to Use: Whenever you’re buying fire extinguishers, you want to make sure that they’re easy to use and mount anywhere. The Element E50 is a very lightweight, compact fire extinguishing mount that allows you to easily and quickly fire its four inch hose no matter where you need it. The mount is easy to remove and mount anywhere you like, including on ceilings, vehicles, and above racks. The unit weighs less than three pounds and fits easily in a standard size hand truck or SUV, making it a practical option for any fire fighting job anywhere in the world.

Highly Efficient: When you buy a fire extinguisher, you want to get one that is highly efficient in terms of its output and in its use. A small fire extinguishing mount that easily and quickly sprays water is of little use if it produces little to no stream of fire and is almost useless in its fight against larger fires. By choosing the Element E50 (or Element E100), you get a highly efficient, lightweight extinguishing mount that is very easy to use wherever you need it the most. It can effectively and quickly put out small to moderate sized fires in a manner that is quick, safe, and efficient.

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