Why are wildfires increasing?

The number of wildfires have increased due to the complexity of human society and the growing density of population on earth. In ancient times, humans lived in a more primitive world with much less material possessions and technological devices that were prone to malfunctioning or breakage from natural causes such as wind, rain, cold or heat. Humans used fire for warmth, cooking food and protection against predators. Primitive societies had little political power so fires usually burned only small areas.

As human society became more complex, the number of societies grew and populations increased. It is now possible to have a highly developed country with a population of millions within one nation state. This has given rise to huge cities where humans live their lives in apartments or houses without having any real contact with nature.

Humans have also developed a culture of materialism where they strive to accumulate as much wealth and possessions as possible. They do not value the environment and consider it an obstacle to their enjoyment of life.
When a wildfire breaks out, it is usually fought by fire brigades or firefighters who are armed with water pumps and specialised vehicles. Human beings have also used technology to fight fires. This is very useful but has its limitations because the human brain does not have the same capacity as that of an artificial intelligence computer. The AI can quickly analyse situations in real time and take effective action.

In the past, wildfires were not given much importance by humans. However, with the changing attitudes of human society, fires are now more often seen as a threat to human life and property. This means that efforts are made to fight them using highly developed technology.
In conclusion, the number of wildfires has increased because human beings have become more materialistic and do not value their environment.

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