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Selling your Home

Selling your house is one of the most stressful events you will ever have to go through, especially if you’ve held the house for a long time. You might have built up equity in the property, so it’s important to get a good real estate agent. However, you can save some money on the deal by using an agent who specializes in short sales. With this type of agent, you won’t have to face all the headaches involved with selling your home on your own. You just need to know what steps to take.

DON’T hire an agent without getting referrals: If you don’t ask around, you might miss some qualified buyers. Your realtor can help you find potential buyers and guide you through the entire process, but you should still do your homework on the house. Asking questions such as how much the house is worth, how soon would a buyer be interested in purchasing it and whether or not your home has desirable attributes make a difference when you are selling. Keeping emotions in check will also take away some of the stress of selling your home on your own.

HAVE A COPY OF THE RESOLUTION: Every time you sell a house, it goes through a legal process known as the Real Estate Settlement. This is where a buyer and seller come to an agreement about the price. It’s important to have a copy of this resolution because it shows every step the two sides took during the negotiation process. Even if you are going to hire an agent, it’s a good idea to have the latest draft of this resolution so you can see what the negotiations are like. Having a current copy will ensure that you can easily answer any questions that a potential buyer may have about the property.

Hire An Experienced Real Estate Agent: Most home sellers hire an experienced real estate agent when they are selling their first home. However, most people who sell their first time don’t have an experience in selling homes and assume that they can handle the process themselves. While hiring an experienced real estate agent is beneficial, it’s not necessary. The most successful sellers have hired experienced real estate agents from the very beginning, knowing that they can make all the necessary decisions.

Hire A Comparative Market Analysis: Using a comparative market analysis can be a very effective way of helping you determine an asking price for your property. A comparative market analysis is simply a graph that compares the asking price of properties similar to yours in the area that you are selling in with the average selling price of similar homes in the area. Using this information, you will know exactly how much your home is worth. It’s extremely helpful to have a real estate agent provide you with a comparative market analysis because it will allow you to properly price your house. If you don’t use a real estate agent for this analysis, then simply do a search online for “comparative market analysis”.

Get Multiple Quotes: One of the best things that real estate agents can offer you when selling your house is multiple quotes. Not all agents give you multiple quotes, so it’s important that you find a few that do. These quotes should allow you to choose between different real estate agents and get a better idea of what each one would charge to list your house. If you use real estate agents, don’t be afraid to ask for a quote over the phone. Even if you find out that the agent you’ve been talking to over the phone is unwilling to give you a quote, it doesn’t mean that they’re not worth using. Always ask for multiple quotes and get them in writing to ensure that the real estate agents are being fair and showing you all the information that you need.

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